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Educational Package

The “Educational Package” includes:

1. The publication: “Educational Visits to the State Museum at Majdanek: A Guide for Teachers”, edited by Tomasz Kranz

The publication introduces premises of the pedagogy of remembrance and museum education, as well as presents the ways of implementing educational projects based on them. It is intended for teachers and students who may need it to promote knowledge and remembrance related to the Second World War. It focuses also on the principles of cooperation between teachers and museum educationalists.

2. The CD: “Extracurricular Education at the State Museum at Majdanek. How to Prepare, Conduct and Summarize Classes”, edited by Wiesław Wysok

This is a practical educational tool which contains lesson plans and specific guidelines how to implement them.

3. Nine cards with the reproductions of the Museum collections

Materials to use in a lesson prior to the visit to the State Museum at Majdanek. The working methods are presented on the CD.