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The Museum offers guided tours in Polish, English, German, Spanish, Ukrainian and Russian (sometimes some of the leanguages can be unavailable). They take approximately 2 - 2.5 h. Guide services may be reserved via the form below or at the Visitor Service Centre (+48 81 710 28 33,

Note: The reservations should be made at least a week before the planned visit to the Museum. Otherwise we cannot guarantee the guiding service.


Guided tours in Polish:

PLN 75 - a group up to 10 people
PLN 100 - a group up to 30 people

Guided tours in English, German, Hebrew, Ukrainian, Russian, Spanish:

PLN 150 - a group up to 10 people
PLN 200 - a group up to 30 people

Note: In case a pre-booked visit to the Museum has to be cancelled or the number of the guides alters, please notify the Museum about this fact not later than the day before the planned visit. Otherwise the organizers will be obliged to pay for the services of the booked guides.

The guiding services are offered to persons over 14 years of age. It is recommended that children under 14 should not visit the memorial due to the character of the place.

While staying on the grounds of the Memorial please respect the site and behave with solemnity and esteem. On the grounds of the Museum you are not allowed to walk dogs, smoke or light candles in wooden buildings. We ask all visitors to get acquainted with General Rules and Regulations for Visiting the State Museum at Majdanek.

To participate in classes or other educational activities, please call the Department of Education
tel.: +48 81 710 28 35 or +48 81 710 28 27.

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