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74th anniversary of the liquidation of KL Lublin

The last group of 800 prisoners, escorted by the SS, left the German Nazi concentration camp at Majdanek in Lublin on July 22, 1944. This event marked the final liquidation of the camp operating since the autumn of 1941.

To commemorate this event, we invite you to take part in the ceremony on July 22, 2018.

Programme of the observances

10.00 - holy mess for the intention of the victioms of Konzentrationslager Lublin
Saint Maximilian Kolbe Parish, Droga Męczenników Majdanka 27

11.30 - presentation on the first reaction of people who visited Majdanek shortly after the camp liquidation

12.30 - lighting candles and laying down flowers at the Mausoleum

The final liquidation of the camp took place in the afternoon on July 22. A few hours earlier, near the crematorium of Majdanek, Germans executed several hundred Polish political prisoners of the Lublin Castle and civilians in reprisal for partisan activities. The column with around 800 people escorted by the SS officers was taken out of the Majdanek. They were accompanied by more than 200 prisoners from the camp on Lipowa Street and after a few days of march they were embarked on train from Ćmielów to Auschwitz. The next morning, unattended peasants got out of Majdanek. A few hours later, during still ongoing struggles for Lublin, the troops of 1st Belorussian Front entering the territory of the camp found their Soviet comrades in arms in the camp.