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All Souls’ Day at Majdanek. Commemoration of Saturnina Malm

You are cordially invited to a meeting devoted to the memory of Saturnina ‘Mother’ Malm which will take place on Thursday, November 15, 2018, at 12 p.m. at the Visitor Service Centre of the State Museum at Majdanek. The event is organised over the cycle ‘All Souls’ Day at Majdanek’.

Saturnina Malm (1907-1982) was the initiator of the aid action for Poles prisoned in the Majdanek concentration camp (KL Lublin). In January 1942, Saturnina succeeded in getting in touch with prisoners of KL Lublin and in doing research on the possible exchange of information and material aid for prisoners as well. At a later stage, her activity gained new impetus, as she started to cooperate with Antonina Grygowa, Elżbieta Krzyżewska, dr Tadeusz Lipecki and, since 1943, with the Polish Red Cross. She took care of a significant number of prisoners at KL Lublin. That good care that Saturnina Malm took of imprisoned women and men helped them to survive with dignity the most difficult time of their lives. It also helped to save more than one human life.

During the meeting, numerous relics will be presented, such as messages sent to ‘Mother’ from her charges at the camp, photos and objects that she received as an expression of gratitude for her help. The commemoration of our heroine will be held by her closest family members who will tell us about that ordinary but simultaneously extraordinary human being. Our special guests will be: prof. dr hab. n. farm. Anna Malm – the wife of Saturnina Malm’s grandson, Jolanta Malm – daughter-in-law, Grzegorz Malm – grandson and Jakub Budziszewski – cousin. The event will be conducted by Anna Wójcik, the head of the Archives at the State Museum at Majdanek.

We hope that the story of Saturnina Malm will be an interesting history lesson for the participants and that it will take them to the wartime for a moment and show that even in such difficult conditions one is able to maintain a truly human attitude and stay true to oneself. Saturnina Malm’s life and activity are its testimony.