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Last year Museum activities wrapped up in “Varia. Highlights” magazine

The newest Polish-English issue of “Varia” magazine was published. This time it summarizes the activities of the State Museum at Majdanek in 2020. Although, due to Covid-19 pandemic, last year it became an unusually difficult challenge to run standard substantial activities, we accomplished a few important projects.

In an interview opening the magazine director Tomasz Kranz said: “In my opinion, the exhibition devoted to the history of the German death camp in Sobibór was the most important achievement of our institution last year, and even in the last few years. I am not saying this through the prism of the pandemic experience – a very difficult time for all of us, or in the context of the fact that the construction of the museum and the realisation of the permanent exhibition in Sobibór are part of a larger international undertaking (…), which always presents an additional challenge. I am mainly thinking about the result we have achieved – that is the high substantive level of the exhibition and its workmanship quality, the artistic arrangement, and the overall composition”.

Although the transfer of education and culture to the virtual world that the pandemic induced, resulted, in a way, in moving to the on-line sphere, we continued works related to the preservation of relics, new publications and exhibitions. We also completed the general conservation and restoration of one of the most important historical buildings related to the history of the Holocaust, i.e. the men's bathhouse barracks and the adjacent gas chambers building.