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New ebook in the Museum bookshop

The next ebook is now available in our museum bookshop. Publication “Zur Pädagogik der Erinnerung. Bedingungen, Ziele und Methoden historischer Bildung in Gedenkstätten“ [Pedagogy of remembrance. Determinants, aims and methods of historical education in memorial sites], ed. Tomasz Kranz, is intended for museologists, teachers and other persons involved in social and political education.

The publication contains a selection of articles by Wiesław Wysok and Tomasz Kranz devoted to educational activities conducted in museums located on the grounds of the former German camps. The authors focus primarily on the Polish memorial sites, but their texts include references to publications in German. “Zur Pädagogik der Erinnerung“ introduces premises of the pedagogy of remembrance and museum education, as well as presents the ways of implementing educational projects based on them. It is deemed an aid for teachers who are interested in study trips to memorial sites in Poland.