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Silent witnesses of history. Meetings centred around camp relics

On March 30, we are pleased to invite you to the first meeting from the series “Silent witnesses of history”. This will be an opportunity to look from a closer perspective at the items related to the functioning of the Nazi concentration camp at Majdanek, which are mostly kept in the Museum’s warehouses. We will tell the stories of selected museum exhibits, and also present the fate of the people to whom they belonged.

The first event from the series ‘Silent witnesses of history’ is called ‘We Became Numbers – Clothing, Marking System and Conditions of the Majdanek Prisoners’.’ During the meeting we will provide answers to questions such as: ‘How did the day at the Majdanek concentration camp look like?’, ‘What elements did the prisoners uniforms consist of?’ or ‘What did the colours of the so-called camp number badges mean?’. We will also remind you that the people imprisoned in the concentration camp were deprived not only of their personal belongings but also of their identity. The surname was replaced with a number, and civilian clothes with camp stripes. Everyday life was hunger, hard work and clogs getting stuck in the mud.

The meeting will start on Saturday, March 30, at 11.00 a.m. It will consist of two parts. The first one takes place at the Visitor Service Centre, where exhibits related to a given topic will be presented and discussed. The second part includes visiting the site of the former camp with a guide.

Participation in the meetings is free, however, due to the limited number of places, registration is needed: 81 710 28 33 or e-mail: Meeting duration: about 3 hours.