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The resistance in the memories of Jerzy Kwiatkowski. September meetings concerning the book ‘485 Days at Majdanek’

Workshops, field game and sightseeing with the story of Jerzy Kwiatkowski in the background – we invite school groups and individuals for September meetings devoted to the camp resistance movement, described in the memoirs ‘485 days at Majdanek.’

Could art have developed in the German Nazi concentration camp at Majdanek? What was the underground activity? What the interior of a prisoner's barrack (which is usually closed to the public) looks like? What do museum magazines hide? Answers to these and other questions will be learned by the participants of our projects.

On 8 and 15 September, we organize events for individuals. The meetings are carried out as part of the European Heritage Days. Their descriptions are below:

08.09. /11 a.m.-2.30 p.m. – workshops and sightseeing

Moving around the former camp in the company of a museum guide, participants of the workshops will learn general information about the history of the place, but above all they will be drawn into the world of Jerzy Kwiatkowski's memories. It will be a unique opportunity to see objects that are stored in museum magazines, as well as to enter one of the barracks, which is usually closed to visitors. An important aspect of the workshop will be the independent work of the participants who thanks to the account of Jerzy Kwiatkowski will discover stories of artistic objects created in the camp that are constituting a manifestation of underground activity.

15.09. / 11 a.m.-1.30 p.m. – field game

A field game is a popular form of learning history of places or biographies of people. This way of learning about the past will be an opportunity to actively explore the history of the German concentration camp at Majdanek. The plot of the game prepared by the Museum and based on the memoirs of Jerzy Kwiatkowski is aimed at presenting important facts, people and events related to the functioning of the camp conspiracy. Participants will be equipped with auxiliary materials. One of their tasks will be to write a message about the situation in KL Lublin. The difficulty is that this message needs to go through the censorship of the camp chancellery. The winners will get prizes.

Reservation is required – 81 710 28 59 or

School groups are also invited to participate in the same ventures. Workshops will take place on 17 and 19 September, while field games will be held on 18 and 20 of September. We are asking for interested teachers to call us at 81 710 28 59.

Participation in all events is free of charge.

Jerzy Kwiatkowski, law doctor, cavalry captain and deputy director of the ‘Pionier’ machine tool factory in Warsaw was arrested for cooperation with the Home Army. In 1943, he was imprisoned in the German concentration camp at Majdanek. On 3 May 1945, he regained his freedom. In December this year, he finished writing down memories from KL Lublin, which he entitled ‘485 days at Majdanek.’ In 2018, the State Museum at Majdanek issued the third edition of Jerzy Kwiatkowski's typescript, which for the first time appeared without censorship and deep editorial interference.