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“Varia” magazine on the permanent exhibition in Sobibór

Due to the re-opening of the State Museum at Majdanek and its branches, we publish a special edition of the “Varia” magazine which is devoted solely to the realisation of the permanent exhibition in the Museum and Memorial in Sobibor. Paper edition of the magazine is available to the visitors on site.

In this issue:

Introduction, Jarosław Sellin (Chairman of the International Steering Committee for the establishment of the new Museum – Memorial in the former German Nazi extermination camp in Sobibór)

Notes from the members of the International Steering Committee: Avner Shalev (Israel), Barbara Illkova (Slovakia), Ernst Steigenga (the Netherlands)

Tomasz Oleksy-Zborowski, Commencement of mass deportations to the German death camp in Sobibór

Tomasz Kranz, Sobibór railway station 1942–1943

Jakub Chmielewski, Uprising of the prisoners of the SS-Sonderkommando Sobibor

Tomasz Kranz, Commemoration of the murdered. Monument from 1965 in honour of the victims of the camp

Aleksandra Szymula, Sobibór collection. Objects found at the crime scene

Tomasz Kranz, Permanent exhibition of the Museum and Memorial in Sobibór

Exhibition outline