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New volume of the "Varia" magazine: The subject of the Holocaust in the education of the State Museum at Majdanek

On the Holocaust Remembrance Day we present the new issue of our "Varia" magazine. This volume is dedicated to the subject of education at the State Museum at Majdanek, particularly to the Holocaust education.

The last volume of our magazine includes the following articles:

Wiesław Wysok, Pedagogy of Remembrance

Anna Wójcik, Maryla's Diary. An Extraordinary Document of the Holocaust

Jolanta Laskowska, Voices from the Abyss. Prisoners Testimonies in Pedagogical Work on the Example of the Diary of Jadwiga Ankiewicz

Paulina Pętal, Oral History as a Source of Education about the Holocaust

Wiesław Wysok, Sobibór. Permanent Exhibition as a Medium of Education about the Holocaust

Aleksandra Szymula, Memory of Objects: Victims' Stories Hidden in the Museum Exhibits

Tomasz Oleksy-Zborowski, Layers of Memory. Reading the Post-camp Landscape in Sobibór

Ewelina Szumilak, The Monument Complex in Bełżec as a Space for Education and Reflection

Marek Duda, Operation "Reinhardt" in Lublin. Historical Walks Along the Trail of the Mass Extermination of Jews